Electronic Trading Rules and Regulation

1) When you submit a trade, please wait for the trade status to be "DONE" before attempting a new trade.

2) After each trade, you MUST check your "Trade History" to ensure that your trade was executed correctly to avoid any unnecessary dispute.

3) We reserve the right to "Cancel" any trades with
  3.1) Insufficient margin,
  3.2) Exceeded number of lots
  3.3) Bump quotes that are caused by exchange feeds, typos or human errors.

4) When market is active we reserve the right to not accept any Limit or Stop orders 15 minutes before data releases.

5) Please note that prices given are updated every 5 seconds and your trade submission will follow the price given during this interval. We reserve the right to refuse requests to amend or cancel any trades upon submission.

Please note that once you are login to the system, you have agreed to the rules and regulation.
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